Zoom call about getting clients with James Morris

In this zoom call I speak with James Morris about how to get your first client and maintain clients moving forward.

What is your first and best way of getting new clients?

The first way of getting clients to work with you as a freelancer is to leverage your network in the first instance and use people you know around you and start to get your name out there. The use of LinkedIn is also extremely powerful in the early stages of looking for work and it’s important that you grow your network on that platform.

Overtime as you gain traction it’s beneficial to start creating your own website, so you’ll need build upon it for a good search engine presence and eventually clients come knocking on your door.

How important are cases on your website?

Case studies can be incredibly important for your website, especially for businesses that offer design services. They showcase your work and give potential clients or customers an in-depth look at how you work and what you can achieve. This demonstrates your expertise, showing how you have successfully solved similar problems for other clients. In general case studies allow you to showcase your unique approach and highlight what sets you apart from your competitors on platforms like Dribble and Behance.

Watch the Zoom call

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