A Unified telephony system


Rethink telephony by integrating Microsoft Teams as a phone system, removing hardware and office overheads. Work smarter, better, anywhere with your team and unify your communication.

The problem

Businesses worldwide faced new challenges when Covid-19 hit, which led to remote working becoming the new ‘normal’. MS Teams became the main platform for messaging, document sharing, internal calls and meetings etc creating friction with external telephony.

The challenge

The inability to place a simple external phone call is a significant weakness of MS Teams. How do we educate potential telephony businesses of the benefits of moving away from a traditional phone network to a more unified communication platform, utilising MS Teams as a phone system?

User groups

First, we had to define the types of user groups we wanted to target and align the brand proposition accordingly for different use cases. IT managers (decision makers) who would need to understand why they should integrate telephony with Teams. Sales and Marketing departments that would be looking to build better customer experiences and would need to clearly understand the benefits of using MS Teams as a phone system for their business.

Brand creation

We aspired to create a brand with meaningful values and steer away from telephony jargon where possible leaving clear concise messaging. The photography used focussed on people and communication with a unique combination of isolated imagery fused with contrasting flat colour, iconography and illustration. The brand needed to convey the essence of working together with no limits.

Brand mark

Our ‘brand icon’ represents the notion of direction, route, communication, network and collaboration. The beauty of working together with no limits. Connect your voice, sound, idea with a unified communication.

Marketing website

Once users landed on the site from various platforms like Google, the App store or Social media they would either hit the home page or deep link to a ‘Resource centre’ containing content by feature or team to communicate relevant information. The ‘benefits’ needed to be priority and communicate to a ‘decision maker’ why they should get started with Callroute to unify their telephony.

Fast integration

Set up a telephony business in minutes rather than days

Microsoft Teams enables calling options although it doesn’t actually allow you to place external phone calls with a standard licence. Adding real calling capabilities to business collaboration tools means you can consolidate all communication using a single tool.


Use Microsoft Teams with significant savings

Callroute’s calling plan is cheaper and more flexible than Microsoft and is charged on a per-channel basis. You get consistent and controllable costs and this proposition needed to be clearly illustrated.

Get started

Once the user had explored the content of the website the main call to action was to “Get started’ and make a test call with Microsoft Teams. The sign up process had to be very low friction to avoid abandonment.


Review call records, billing histories and usage statistics

An easy to use dashboard provided real-time metrics and analysis. You get insights on how your telephony system is performing, how it’s being used and who is using it. Access actionable takeaways or dig deep into the numbers.

Buy numbers

Manage and buy all of your numbers in one central portal

Buy new numbers on-demand, anywhere in the world. Who benefits – Businesses expanding internationally looking to extend their presence and be local with a local number for their user base. Get new numbers if you need them and grow. A seamless workflow to ‘Buy numbers’ from the main dashboard needed to be mapped out to aid this process.

Final thoughts

I was approached by the client to undertake this piece of work from initial strategy right through to developer handoff. We got together (on Teams) and determined the scope of what needed to be achieved. I led discussions and the design process from start to finish to determine content hierarchy, user journeys through to brand creation, UI and implementation of a design system. Visit the website and view the final result here –

Barny Ritchley Chief Technology Officer at Callroute

Richard’s knowledge and experience designing a slick and robust UI is second to none. A real pleasure to work with, incredibly efficient and professional, Richard delivered exactly what we were after and his work is standing the test of time!


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