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Designed from the grassroots up. Pitchero technology improves team management, increases club revenue and boosts team communication.

The problem

Coaches from amateur sports found it hard to manage player availability. Managing teams and general organisation would be done over the phone. Team members would communicate in groups via WhatsApp outside of the Club App.

The challenge

Introduce a smooth onboarding experience for parents, players and supporters. Create an in app calendar schedule for parents to make their child available for their desired sport and for coaches to view and make a selection for a team. Introduce a messaging service within the app for team chat so communication stays in one central place.

Smooth sign up

The original app lacked an intuitive onboarding experience and users found it hard to sign up causing a dramatic fall out rate. In answer to this we wanted to give a snap shot view of the new features on the login screen with simple messages to get them excited right from the start. The app also needed to understand what role the user associated themselves to, for example – the role of a parent would enable them to assign their child to a relevant club and the team they played for.



Wireframes were created once the flow of screens were established and this helped form common patterns and interactions so we could assess how quickly the sign up process would take to complete. The user needed to register, choose a sport and assign themselves to a role as easy as possible.

Team activity

Once the user is onboarded they view their club activity where the header area brands itself to the primary colour of the club. The activity timeline shows training and events and match highlights where members can comment and share. Teams of that club are swipable under the header where members can keep up with team chat and interact with videos.

Schedule for parents

Set your child’s status

One of the main issues a coach had was the organisation of which players were available for a certain team on any particular date – this was previously done over the phone and recorded manually which certainly had its challenges. A schedule was introduced in the app so parents could set their child’s availability and a coach could then make a selection to form the team for that week.


Team communication in one place

Team mates needed to chat and communicate before match days which led them to create WhatsApp groups outside of the Pitchero app. A requirement was needed to create a message centre which was a strategy of pulling users back into the app and aligning communication into one central place.


As part of aligning communication in one central place, the next strategy was to then introduce a shop so that parents could easily order new kits for their children via the app. Recommendations and all purchases could be kept in one place and re-ordered at a new size with ease.

User feedback

Pitchero makes it easy for a grassroots club to have a professional online image but, more importantly, the functionality means I spend more time coaching and less time on admin.

Jon Wood

Alex Kaye Head of Product, Pitchero

Richard was an excellent addition to our team. His flair for design exceeded our already lofty expectations but his positive attitude and contribution towards other team members was a bonus.
He was a pleasure to communicate with and delivered a high volume of work which always surprised and delighted us.
We would love to have Richard back again in future and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a creative and proactive designer.


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