Task management app designed for ADHD minds


The simplest task management app designed for people with ADHD to stay organised and productive with day to day tasks.

The problem

One of the major hurdles people encounter is the sheer overwhelming complexity of numerous task management apps, tools, and productivity solutions available in the market. Many of these options are laden with an abundance of features, intricate workflows, and numerous steps. Instead of aiding focus, they tend to do the opposite, leaving individuals feeling like rabbits caught in headlights.

The challenge

The primary purpose of this app is to support individuals with neurological disorders like ADHD, who often struggle to take charge and manage their to-do lists effectively. Its main objective is to simplify life, keep users on track, and boost self-esteem by empowering them to achieve their goals and accomplishments.

Brand direction

A brand mood board was meticulously crafted and extensively explored. This creative collage serves as a visual representation of various elements, including colours, typography, imagery, textures, and overall aesthetics, all curated to reflect the essence and personality of the brand. Brands with bold colours, geometric shapes, simple clean lines with a minimalistic approach were explored to created a general direction.

Brand creation

The brand logo incorporates geometric shapes, specifically clean and simple lines, to represent a sense of organisation and clarity. The logo features a central dot or task, with shapes gracefully converging towards it, symbolising the connection and alignment of thoughts and tasks. This design concept signifies how ‘twolist’ brings tasks together, allowing users to efficiently manage their to-dos and priorities.

App wireframes

The product is a task management app, designed for the distracted. A simple two column layout, purposefully created to reduce noise and maximise throughput and accomplishment of any task. The name “twolist” suggests a simplified approach to task management, focusing on breaking down tasks into two categories: “Now” and “Not Now”. The app aims to be simple with no fancy features and is accessible across all devices and environments. A widget was also meticulously designed to provide users with enhanced visibility and quick access to their tasks.

UI design

In line with the brand’s clean and minimalistic style, the wireframes received a sleek makeover. The use of a bold font added a touch of modernity and ensured clear legibility, complementing the simplicity of the design. A carefully selected contrasting colour scheme further accentuated important elements, making them stand out while maintaining visual harmony.

The initial wireframes embraced negative space strategically, enhancing the user’s focus on essential features and interactions. Each screen was thoughtfully curated to provide an intuitive user experience, ensuring that users could navigate the app effortlessly.

Landing page

A landing page for ‘twolist’ was crafted to serve as a compelling marketing tool, designed to capture visitors’ attention and effectively convey the value of the app and ultimately have the opportunity to download the desktop or mobile app. In alignment with the brand’s minimalist style, the landing page features a clean and uncluttered layout, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

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Overview and result

A full brand and UX design strategy was created, built and outputted to the App stores for desktop and mobile.

The process of developing ‘twolist’ was deeply collaborative and user-centric, with a strong focus on understanding the unique challenges faced by individuals with ADHD. From the initial stages, we worked closely with a client who has ADHD to gain firsthand insights and feedback. This collaboration was instrumental in shaping the app’s design and functionality. Throughout the build process, we maintained an open line of communication with the client, incorporating their feedback at every stage. This iterative approach allowed us to fine-tune the app, making it increasingly aligned with user needs.

When the final product was complete, the client was more than happy with the result. They appreciated the simplicity and effectiveness of the design, noting how it significantly reduced the cognitive load and helped users with ADHD stay organised and productive with their day to day tasks.

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